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Internet marketing

We provide the following services for Internet promotion and advertising your brand or business. This page is designed to assist any business with social marketing, contextual advertising and SEO-optimization.

1 Updating social media
  • Choosing social media for promoting brands or services. It depends on the target audience and the project’s goals
  • Creating pages and groups in popular social media:,, and Russian social media,
  • Creating a bright design of the page;
  • Describing the portrait of your typical client based on your target audience (2-3 pages with description of psychological and behavioral features; it’s necessary for the social media advertising campaign).
  • The list of hashtags.
  • Creating textual and graphic content for social media pages (12 publications during the month).
  • Launch of a contest or a campaign to attract more subscribers;
  • Launch of a target advertising campaign and advertising in popular communities
  • Additional services. Installation of the application.

Monthly advertising report

  • Analysis of promotion campaign based on five key metrics: fan coverage, overall coverage, audience involvement, the number of people discussing it and negative reactions;
  • Evaluation of advertising efficiency for every social media using the formula: “involvement/overall coverage*100”
  • Efficiency evaluation of a single publication.
  • Advertising budget
  • Subscribers quantity

We may make Monthly advertising report with a vast quantity of metrics.

2 Advertising newsletters
  • We work with different kinds of advertising newsletters: e-mail newsletters, SMS newsletters, messengers newsletters.
  • We can parse contacts of individuals or download a list of contacts provided by the client.

Forming the report on the newsletters based on two key metrics:

  • The number of addressees who have clicked on a target goal
  • The number of addressees who have unsubscribed from the newsletter

We can make monthly advertising reports based on a vast quantity of metrics.


Contextual advertising campaign

  1. Installation of an advertising campaign for one webpage. (terms of installation – 2 weeks)
  2. Management of an advertising campaign for target web pages;
  3. Additional services. Forming of the website’s semantic core and editing of the website’s textual content by adding keywords from the semantic core;

  4. Controlling the efficiency of the advertising campaign.

  5. Forming monthly contextual advertising reports based on the following key metrics:
    • Click-through rate
    • Ad views
    • CRT
    • Average price for a click-through
    • Monthly advertising budget
    • Conversion
    • Conversion price
    • Conversion ratio
    • The number of requests: calls and messages from the website
    • Price of request

SEO-optimization and promotion

  1. The website’s SEO audit;
  2. The website’s SEO promotion: a number of actions aimed to enhance the website’s position in the web search results;

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