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Advertising and design of Armina Jazz promotional event

The name of the cognac, Armina, is the Old Persian word for Armenia. In modern times, this ancient word carries an iconic flavour. Cognac is Armenia’s traditional economic beverage. In present-day Armenia it is particularly enjoyed while listening to jazz.
The first version of the advertisement used quotes from a number of legendary jazz performers on their personal success stories. These quotes responded to the phrase which used as the advertising slogan: “The making of a legend”. Thus a parallel was drawn between relationship with history, cognac-making traditions and aesthetic preferences.
In the final version of the advertisement, the concept was presented through the success story of Armenian jazz musician Levon Malkhas and text telling of the traditions of cognac-making. This idea became the foundation for the subsequent Armina Jazz advertising campaign.
Advertising in: 1. Afisha Eda 2. Vinnaya Karta 3. Erevan 4. Aromatniy Mir 5. Distillyator 6. Vinomania

The same solution was applied both for Armina Jazz promotional event and for advertisement. 

Tags: 2008, advertising, alcohol, B2C, Creative idea, design concept, FMCG, key visual design, POS

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