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Branding and communication design for Selfieroom mobile app start up

SelfieRoom. Creative & communication idea for new digital btl project.

We developed offline and online marketing materials for SelfieRoom project: 

  1. Website — 
  2. Social media
  3. Commercials,
  4. Leaflet, stand design & souvenirs: magnets and T-shirts.

The SelfieRoom project is to suggest using an augmented reality possibilities by creating unique photo content. The target audience are a public and entertaiment business: retail, restraunts, open public spaces. SelfieRoom app allows to cut green background by any app’s library picture. 

We offer to use marketing materials as photo background for fast testing app’s possibilities by potential clients. There are T-shirts, leaflet, business cards. Also we created landing page with structure arguing and visualizing the idea advantages. 

Tags: 2017, B2C, branding, copywriting, Creative idea, graphic design, key visual design, Startup, video production, web design

We developed:

  1. Creative idea: design and copywriting.
  2. Printing and souvenirs production.
  3. Websites development: design, copywriting & HTML-coding and CMS installing.
  4. Video production: shooting, editing, compousing.

Download the Selfieroom APP on you mobile and try it for your business or event!

The project’s team:

Art director –Eleonora Laas

Copywriter– Alexander Ginzburg

Layout design – Jenya Vasilieva

Proofreader –Nastya Shashkova

HTML-coding and programming– Ksenia Derieva

The main creative idea also using  for commercials.  

The project’s team: director — Eleonora Laas, operator — Artem Drozdov, operator’s assistent — Ilya Hurtin, motion graphic — Kirill Rusanov, make-up — Alexandra Birukova, Photographer — Alexey Mazurkin. 

Actors: Stasy Venkova, Olga Zybunovskaya, Alisa. 

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